Career Counselling Centre

The UDBS Career Counselling Centre aims to provide high quality information, advice and guidance to University of Dar es Salaam students and graduates. The Centre is committed to delivering this in a professional, impartial and accessible way and aims to equip our students and graduates with skills and knowledge to effectively choose and manage their careers.

The Centre aims to help:

  • Decide what career will suit University of Dar es Salaam students/graduates and develop a career action plan.
  • Identify and develop the skills needed by students for their first job after graduating and for managing career decisions throughout their life.
  • Provide relevant up-to-date information on the graduate labour market.
  • Build useful work experience and contacts.
  • Market the skills of University of Dar es Salaam students and graduates effectively to make employers aware of them.


  • Advising
    • Career planning
    • CV/Cover letter writing/critique
    • Practice/Mock interviews
  • Placements
    • Practical Training – for second-year students
    • Post Graduate Internship – GRIP programme
  • Opportunities
    • Employment
    • Work-related experience – internships/part-time jobs/volunteering
    • Networking – with alumni, different companies, professional organizations
    • Events – guest speakers, career fairs, workshops
    • Mentorship – FSMP, Bring a student to work day, e-Mentoring
  • Resources
    • Virtual library – links to job-posting websites, companies, organizations (we might not be in a position to guarantee the professionalism of all links listed and so students will have to be encouraged to research these as part of their job search process)
    • Sample – CV, cover letters, etc.
    • Professional organizations – list of and/or links to their websites.


Students – chance to develop skills, be well informed and make informed career planning/decisions so they can be well positioned to be successful throughout their career life.

    • By Exploring, Experimenting and Experiencing our services of Advising, Placements, Opportunities and Resources they will finally excel in their career planning/choices.
    • Our website capabilities: upload CV to be viewed by employers, register for events that require them to do so, e.g. mock interviews, on-campus interviews and filling in application forms (for our programmes).

 Employers – the opportunity to hire students  that are among the best in the country, thereby avoiding troubles that come with recruiting from the general public, such as fake credentials, unseasoned candidates, etc.

    • Post jobs, conduct info sessions, on-campus recruitment/interviewing, take part in our career fairs – all at minimal cost.
    • Partnering with the Career Centre by co-sponsoring/presenting career-related programmes/workshops.
    • Hosting a student for “bring a student to work day”.
    • Participating in our CV critique events – HR personnel from different firms will critique individual CVs (students will have to sign up for this).
    • Our website capabilities: Post jobs, register for career fairs, view students’ CVs, request for recruitment/interview on campus.

Feedback and Evaluation

The Centre will constantly review its services and will encourage all University of Dar es Salaam students and graduates to provide it with feedback. This will help the Centre to evaluate what’s being done and make sure that it is responding to the needs of students in an appropriate and effective way.

For more information please contact:

The Manager, Career Counselling Centre

1st Floor, New UDBS Building, Room No. B324

University of Dar es Salaam Business School

P.O. Box 35046

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tel: +255 22 2410203

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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