Economic reforms and the changing business environment have resulted in increased demand for the School’s research output.   In recognition of this fact, UDBS established the Research and Publications (R&P) Unit under the Office of the Dean. The Unit plays a number of roles, including coordinating research and publication activities within UBDS, facilitating the development of research links and publishing the Business Management Review (BMR) journal. The Unit also facilitates the publication of promotional materials for the School and coordinates international conferences.

To strengthen the research capacity of its academic members of staff, the School through R&P uses the following strategies:

  • Financing some research projects undertaken by UDBS academic members,  
  • Facilitating the participation of its academic members of staff in research training, and in local, regional and international conferences,
  • Creating institutional linkages that facilitate the participation of its members in global collaborative research,
  • Organizing international conferences to enable researchers, policy makers and business managers to exchange views and disseminate research findings,
  • Networking with relevant stakeholders in order to understand their needs,
  • Publishing a journal, Business Management Review, to give stakeholders access to research findings.

UDBS Research Agenda

For quite a long time, the overall UDBS Research Agenda has been; “entrepreneurship, private sector and sustainable development”. However, since 2009, the School has attempted to expand the scope of its research agenda to accommodate the interests of the growing number of research groups, and to reflect recent national developments in our agenda. Therefore, UDBS has a number of research sub-themes that guide its research activities.  

Specific Research Themes


Economic and social implications of FDI; Foreign risk management, Global business linkages; Multilateral trading systems and regional trade arrangements; Export orientation; Internal trade; Aid for trade; Regional integration; Tax implications of regional integration; and international marketing.

Entrepreneurship and small business development

Enterprise and personal finance and investment behaviour; Enterprise restructuring; Business networks and marketing information; E-business and E-commerce, Retail development; Agri-business development, ICT and small business development; Informal-formal sector linkages; and innovation systems.

Governance and inclusive development

Public sector finance and governance; audit and assurance services; governance and financial accountability; compliance with societal institutions/regulations and coping strategies, procurement and supply chain management; NGOs’ accounting information systems and accountability; PPP&PPD; Business ethics, corporate social responsibility; regulations and supervision of financial services; and corporate governance.

Resource Management for sustainable development

Contract negotiations; sharing the returns from natural resources; property rights; productivity and sustainability of natural resource utilization; natural resource accounting; local content; and policy innovation.

Management information systems

Financial accounting systems and reporting; Application of accounting information in managing organizations; Innovation, adoption and use of information systems.

Tourism and Sustainable development

Value creation in the tourist industry; strategic tourism policy formulation and planning; pro-poor tourism strategies; and innovation and value creation in tourism.

Cross-cutting issues

Diversity; women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship; women in management positions; and Channels for reducing poverty.

Research Network Activities

  • Organizing international conferences on African Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (ICEASB)
  • Member of
  • a) Global Business Schools Networks (GBSN),

b) African Association of Business Schools (AABS),

c) Operations Research Societies of East Africa (ORSEA), and International Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD).

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