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The UDBS has a research agenda whose main theme is “Entrepreneurship, Private Sector and Sustainable development”. From this theme the School has been active in evolving many sub-themes, including entrepreneurship and small business development; internationalization; agribusiness and sustainable development; the informal sector and inclusive development; tourism and sustainable development; the public sector; resource management; and financial services. Research funding has been provided by Sida/SAREC (Sweden), NORAD (Norway), DAAD (Germany) and DANIDA (Denmark), as well as a few international organizations such as ILO, USAID and the World Bank, which sometimes commission the Business School to undertake some specific action-oriented research projects.

UDBS publishes the Business Management Review and Business Research Series, which provide a forum for its staff to disseminate their research findings. Members of staff also publish in international journals. The School holds an annual International Conference on African Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (ICAESB) and an International Conference on Tourism and Sustainable Development. The conferences provide a unique international forum and an opportunity for researchers, policy makers and business managers to exchange views, share experiences, and disseminate research findings and practical lessons in the areas of small businesses, entrepreneurship development and tourism.

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