The overall goal of the Master of Finance and Accounting in Oil and Gas (MFA - OG) is to equip students with critical knowledge on advanced financial and risk management, costing and taxation in the oil and gas sector while considering the economics of oil and gas markets, oil and gas policies and regulatory framework as well as the national and international business environment.

More specifically, the MFA - OG intends to:

  1.  Equip students with knowledge on the application of theories and analytical approaches in practical decision making and sound reporting of issues related to the oil and gas industry;
  2. Strengthen the capacity of students in identifying, monitoring and managing risks related to the execution of oil and gas projects;
  3. Enhance the professionalism of students in the area of costing/valuation, auditing and taxation of oil and gas projects; and
  4. Equip students with knowledge and skills on investment and financing approaches of oil and gas projects;
  5. Equip students with knowledge on environmental accounting, business governance and social responsibility for modern entities/ enterprises.


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